2.1 version 2

The drivers in the BMR JAMMY offer great clarity over a wide range, but they lack a bit at the top and bass is gone around 200Hz, higher than a kick drum and higher than the sub cutoff near 120Hz and you get dips in the overall response. For remedy this 2.1 speaker uses conventional drivers to handle high and mid range frequencies. 3 1/2″ drivers that can reach down to 80Hz were paired with 1/2″ tweeters.

A different approach was also given to the sides. While plywood lends a nice striped pattern on its edge, it can also be a bit expensive especially if you don’t have a use for the odd shaped scraps left after milling. To address this I used composite particle board for the layers and wrapped the edge with veneer.

The amplifier section offers Bluetooth input, and controls for: volume, treble tone and level, and bass.


  • Audio Inputs: Bluetooth
  • LF Driver: 3-inch
  • HF Driver: 1/2-inch dome
  • Sub Driver: 5-inch
  • Continuous Power: HF -50W x 2 LF-100W
  • Cabinet: Laminated and Veneered composite board
  • Frequency Response: 60–20,000Hz
  • Power Supply: DC 12-24v