The photo below is the first monitor I built for my project studio. Back in 2011 I was pretty excited that I was able to build what turned out to be decent speakers.

I finally took a second stab at it and came up with something tight, these are the test cabinets. The room my wife allotted me for a studio is a little guy, so I chose a sealed design. Up front lies a dual¬†ring-radiator tweeter from Tymphany and an aluminum 6.5″ woofer from Fountek. Around the sides mounted back to back in an impulse compensated configuration are two 8″ Subwoofers from an Dayton Audio.

Like I said before these are the test cabinets, but I’ve been testing them for about a year and I’m still floored. A post on the amplifier section in its test configuration is soon to follow, along with the final cabinet design as soon as I can stop using them.