The Roller

This boombox is an attempt to give a little bit of depth to the concept of using a laser to replicate retro aesthetic in a speaker. While non-operational each control has been recreated with its own piece, as apposed to simply etching an image on to a face and cutting a hole to mount speakers behind. The bulk of the body was milled on the CNC router out of 3/4″ ply while the face pieces are a mix of thinner ply, veneer and acrylic.

Controls for: Volume, Play/Pause, and Prev/Next Track are available on the rear, and will control theses on a paired bluetooth device.


  • Audio Inputs: Bluetooth
  • Drivers: 5 1/4″-inch coaxial
  • Power: 30W x 2
  • Cabinet: Laminated Plywood
  • Power Supply: DC 12V