What it is.

Custom Mathematics is a project archive of Mike D-Y a DJ, pretend music producer and Maker based in Portland Oregon. I spend a lot of time thinking up and working on loudspeaker projects and in the last several years I’ve completed quite a few. The purpose of this site is to keep a record and share my work.

In the archive you will find speaker and boombox designs, midi controllers, embedded media players and random stories about the constant nurturing attention required in maintaining a modest maker space.


Most of my projects start from a specific personal need or a request from a friend, I’m definitely not above working on your project or selling one of my completed projects so by all means use the contact page if you feel the need!

About that modest maker space and your projects. If your small project could be serviced well with the aid of CNC milling (up to 23″ x 23″ x 4″D) or laser engraving/cutting most wood, wood products, and plastics (up to 11x 17″ x .25″D) and you can provide the vectors, CM probably has you covered.


To stay in the loop of where we’ll be and what gear is going to which shops please join the mailing list below.